Help getting a Washington State ID

Our office is temporarily closed, and our drop-in clinics are cancelled at this time. However, we are still available to help you!

At this time, we can assist you by email or phone. We are not available to meet or make appointments in our office.

How we can help is limited at this time for reasons outside our control.

The Washington State Department of Licensing is currently closed for in-person services, including new ID cards and licenses. But, if you have lost a Washington State ID, you may be able to replace it online.

(We are not associated with the Washington Department of Licensing. For the most current information, please visit their website.)

If you have lost a Washington State ID or license:

  • You can try to replace it online yourself
  • OR contact us for assistance in doing an online replacement

If you have never had a Washington ID before:

  • There is currently no way to get one BUT we can help you get identity documents to take to the Department of Licensing once they reopen.
  • Please email us or call and leave a message.

FOR HELP WITH AN ID email us at or call (360) 671-6079 extension 25 and leave a message.

As staff and volunteers are working remotely (our office is temporarily closed), it may take longer than usual to return your call or email.

Thank you for your patience.

Contact us at

There are no upcoming events at this time.

If your driver’s license was suspended, this program CANNOT help with getting it back. Learn more about getting it back here.