Our Purpose:  To ensure everyone can address legal issues with the assistance of a legal professional regardless of their ability to afford one.



Our Guiding Values:

Empowerment: “Justice for all” requires access, knowledge of the system, and direct action. We empower clients with hope, practical information, and tools to deal with rental, debt, abuse, workplace, and family issues today and in the future.


Education: Champion clients and their needs with dignity, hope and perseverance. When support is needed to interpret legal information, we show clients how to navigate pathways to justice and relief.


Advocacy: Free or accessible legal services are critical pathways to justice. Our volunteers, professional lawyers and staff empower pro se clients with knowledge and remedies to level the playing field, and when necessary, advocate skillfully to change situations of violence, debt or unjust conditions in the home, at work, at school, or in the community.


Service: Principles of justice and dignity are strongest when communities uphold them actively. We help lawyers in the community to uphold their promise of equal justice for all by connecting them with low-income clients who most need their assistance but can’t afford to pay.